Office du Tourisme de Marne et Gondoire

A little history

Built at the end of the 17th century, it is the property of the urban conglomeration of Marne et Gondoire and managed by the Tourist Office.

Its mechanism is constituted by a water wheel which moves thanks to the water power. The sluice gates regulate the water level and the motive power. Water is drained away by the Brosse stream.


Recent scenographic improvements make the site a place of interest to discover mills and how they work, setting Russon Mill back in its geographic and historical context. From October 2013, the secrets of the Russon mill will be available via an audioguide in English.

Office du Tourisme de Marne et Gondoire
Tourist Office of Marne et Gondoire
2, rue du chemin de fer
77400 Lagny -sur-Marne
Phone. : 01 64 02 15 15
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